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R.A.W. s.r.l. is an innovative start-up founded in 2015 in Italy with the mission of developing innovative systems, through the application of new technologies, such as Augmented Reality, segmentation and 3D reconstruction of radiological images, to increase the precision of minimally invasive Interventional Radiology procedures.   

Our Vision

At R.A.W. s.r.l., our vision is to redefine interventional radiology by leveraging cutting-edge technology, represented by our products, Endosight and Ablation-fit.


We aim to empower all medical practitioners, regardless of their imaging background, to perform minimally invasive procedures with unparalleled precision, especially in interventional oncology. Our mission is to eliminate the limitations that hinder accuracy in these procedures, ensuring safety, accessibility, and outcomes comparable to open surgery. 

Physician wearing Augmented Reality goggles - endosight

Our Solutions

Ablation-fit logo


The first stand-alone software able to reconstruct liver tumours, simulate ablative ellipsoids, visualize safety margins, and perfectly overlap pre and post-operative images to verify the completeness of the ablation.

Ablation-fit is CE marked under MDR 2017/745 as a class IIa medical device and FDA cleared.  

Endosight logo


The first 3D navigation system in augmented reality able to assist the physician in positioning a percutaneous device into the the body, with great precision. Simply by wearing a pair of AR goggles, the physician is able to easily visualise each anatomical structure inside the patient’s body. Endosight is CE marked under MDR 2017/745 as class IIa medical device.

Our Team

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